Land Use Board

As of January 2024 the Planning Board has assumed the role of the Zoning Board of Adjustment in a combined Land Use Board.

The role of the Land Use Board is to produce and update periodically the Master Plan for land development and to adjudicate land development applications.

The Township imposes fees to process the application and requires escrow to recover the costs incurred in support of the Board’s professionals. Depending on the schedule of the Board and complexity of the application, the period to complete the process is generally between three to six months.

More information on the composition, duties, and responsibilities of the Land Use Board can be found here.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Tara St. Angelo Attorney
Joanna Slagle Planner
William Burr Engineer
Maria Andrews Board Secretary (609) 397-2054 Ext 119

Board Members

Name Title
Robert Tomenchok Chairman (Class IV)
P C Member (Class IV)
John Dale Alternate #2
Christopher Morgan Vice Chairman (Class IV)
Carl Ippolito Member (Class IV)
Nella Hamtil Member (Class II) E.C. Liaison
John Flemming Alternate #3
Robert Balaam Member (Class III)
James Cally Member (Class I)
Robert J Fulper, Jr Alternate #1
Connor Montferrat Member (Class IV)
David Pasquale Member (Class IV)
Scott Greenwood Alternate #4