Board of Health

The West Amwell Township Board of Health relies on the Hunterdon County Department of Health for its environmental and health expertise.  However, the local board is involved with approval / denial of waivers outside the jurisdiction of the County.  The Township well ordinance was developed by the Board of Health “to ensure any on-site water supply system is sufficient to meet the domestic water needs of the homeowner or user.”  Results of the well test(s) performed are retained by the Board for analysis and future research.                  

Septic and Well:  Informational pamphlets on well and septic system care are available through the Township as well as the County Department of Health, Well and Septic System Care Guide.

It is recommended that septic tanks be pumped every three years. 

Having problems with your septic?  Repairs are contracted privately; are limited in scope and are reviewed and inspected by the County Division of Health.  The repair form is available through the Hunterdon County Department of Health site.  For a septic alteration or new system, the engineer of record must contact the Board of Health secretary (609-397-2054, ext 10) to set up a soil witnessing event.

Well testing:  This is contracted privately by the owner.  However, please note that as of September 14, 2002, the Private Well Testing Act requires sampling of private drinking water wells whenever a property is transferred.  In effect on March 14, 2004, all landlords of properties on private well water are required to test the well water and re-test every five years.  Buyers, sellers and leases must be informed of the results.

Temporary Food Concession License:  Having an event? A temporary food concession license is required.  Food concessions shall include any individual or group selling or distributing products intended to be consumed including cotton candy, shaved ice, ice cream, fruit drinks, soda, candied apples, popcorn, sandwiches, labeled pre-packaged snacks and similar products.  The cost is $75.00 for 3 days.  Applications are available at the Township office. 

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Health Officer Hunterdon County Division of Health
Maria Andrews Board Secretary (609) 397-2054 Ext 110

Board Members

Name Title
John Dale Member
Stephen Bergenfeld Member
James Cally Member
Gary Hoyer Member
Ken Hart Chairman
Brian Mundhenk Alt #1
Denise Balog Alt #2
Lucas Lyons Member