Driveway Permits

In West Amwell Township, Driveway Permits are required for new construction or modifications being made to existing driveways.  The purpose of the Permit (which is free) is to provide the proper technical specifications to the property owner and/or contractor responsible for the driveway construction/modification.  All driveways must adhere to approved site plans and prevent the obstruction of storm water flow and the discharge of surface water on to a public roadway.

Construction (temporary) access to a parcel must comply with Hunterdon County Soil Conservation District specifications for Stabilizied Construction Access (via this link)  

West Amwell Township Municipal Code on Driveways (Chapter 109 Land Development):



Specifications - 109 Attachment 8 Exhibit 5:  Driveway Entrances

Process for obtaining a Driveway Permit:

  1. Contact West Amwell Township Department of Public Works (DPW) with approved site plans or proposed driveway modifications
  2. A Driveway Permit will be issued by DPW with the proper specifications
  3. A Final Driveway Inspection (and Approval) is required to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy.  (Contact the DPW 24 hours prior to final construction to schedule Inspection and Approval)  

One driveway per residential lot is permitted.  Additional driveways require Zoning approval.