Township Committee

Municipal government in New Jersey takes one of five forms:  Borough, Township, City, Town, and Village. West Amwell is a Township, whose governing body consists of five elected officials (the township committee) which serves as both the executive and legislative authority. In general, those powers are exercised by the committee as a whole.

Broadly speaking, the role of our municipal government is to collect property taxes, maintain township owned roads, provide for a municipal court of law, as well as secure police, fire, and emergency medical services for township residents. The municipal government is also responsible for administrating health and safety codes, and planning for and adjudicating land development.

Members of the township committee are elected during the June primary and November general election cycle, and elected for staggered three-year terms.

Following each November election, a committee reorganization meeting is held In early January. During this meeting, newly elected/re-elected members take the oath of office, followed by the reorganized committee selecting a Mayor and Deputy Mayor. The Mayor serves as the moderator for meetings of the township committee but having no special powers above any other committee member, except for appointing certain officials who support municipal business. The Mayor also serves as the official spokesman for the Township. The Deputy Mayor serves as a backup in the event the Mayor is unavailable to conduct meetings.

The township also operates through Boards, Committees and Commissions, whose members are appointed by the Township Committee.

In keeping with our belief in minimal government instituted at the most local level, your municipal government operates as a fiscally responsible entity, focusing on cost effective management and delivery of services that we are obligated to provide to our township residents. Despite shifts in state mandates and rising costs to do business, your municipal leaders work diligently to control and contain impact to taxpayers.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Katrina Campbell Attorney
William Burr Township Engineer
Maria Andrews Township Clerk (609) 397-2054 Ext 110

Board Members

Name Title
James Cally Mayor
John Dale Committeeman
Lucas Lyons Committeeman
Gary Hoyer Deputy Mayor
Stephen Bergenfeld Committeeman